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Crack/Blown Plaster

Posted on: 11 Mar 2019


Issues that cause cracking or blown plaster in your home can be daunting and worryIng for home owners and tenants alike.

In this post we will give you the information you need to identify what is causing the issues with your plaster work

1.Blown plaster or Loss of key

2.Salts caused by damp issues

3.Air line cracks 

4.New plaster falling off the wall

Blown plaster due to loss of adhesion or key this is when the old backing plaster has dried out and lost its adhesion this will create a hollow pocket so when you tap on it it will sound hollow and possibly soft to press.Unfortunately this is not a quick fix this can either be removed and hope that the area does not increase and be filled with a bonding plaster and then skimmed in to the exsisting plaster work,usually once you start to remove old plaster the rest of the plaster will start to fall off.In this case the wall would require stripping back and then plasterboarding and plastering.

Salts and rising damp have no straight forward fix what is required would be to remove the full length of the wall to a height of 1200mm back to the brick work,a DPC cream injected to the old damp proof course and then either or a tanking slurry applied in 3 coates a renovation plaster applied over the top followed by a plaster finish over the top of this.The other option would be to remove the old plaster again and a tanking membrane installed and then boarded and plastered.Either option would work but there is a cost difference in this.

Air line cracks can be caused by vibration from a door being closed constantly or banged closed sending vibrations through the wall or if it is a plasterboarded wall the air line cracks could be along the joints where the boards meet.These are easily fixed by any DIY compatent person a good filler will cover these with out the need for further work.

New plaster peeling of the wall is usually down to the wall not being prepped correctly by the installer so unfortunately his would need to be scraped off which usualy takes no time at all clean the wall down and then apply two coates of PVA and then re plaster the wall.

We hope this helps you identify which problem is causing your plaster to crack if you have any of these problems or are worried about your walls please contact us and let us take away the stress and worry for you.

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